Holder: DOJ Not Trying to Chill Journalists’ Sources

In congressional testimony today, the Attorney General said the Justice Department wasn’t trying to chill journalists’ sources when it subpoenaed the phone records of several Associated Press journalists. Continue reading

What to Wear When Recruiting a Russian Spy

Would you really bring two wigs and a map? Sure! Continue reading

Journalists Ordered to Reveal Sources Face Possible Jail Time, Financial Ruin

As bad as things are for AP journalists, they could be worse. Continue reading

Government Probe Could Expose Journalists’ Other Confidential Sources

Legal experts say federal investigators can follow any new leads they find in reporters’ phone logs, giving authorities a rare window into the source network of some of the country’s top investigative journalists. Continue reading

Eleven Spy Capers You May Have Missed

The arrest and deportation of a US government employee whom the Russians accuse of spying is just business as usual. Continue reading

Justice Department Obtained Phone Records of Several Associated Press Journalists

The extraordinary records seizure shows leaks investigations are getting more aggressive. Continue reading

Was Boston a “War Zone” During Bomber Manhunt?

Was the extraordinary display of force in Boston last month, which included a shootout with the suspects and a lockdown of the metropolitan area, an appropriate response to a terrorist threat? Or did it unnecessarily put civilians and law enforcement officers in jeopardy? Continue reading

Imagining Our Robot Future

Say hello to the drone next door. Continue reading

Defense Department Identifies Three Killed in Tanker Crash

The Defense Department yesterday released the names of three airmen killed when a KC-135 tanker crashed near Chon-Aryk, Kyrgyzstan, on May 3. The crash, which is still under investigation, echoes another fatal tanker accident 14 years ago. Continue reading

New Award, “The Golden Padlock,” Will Honor Most Secretive in Government

A new, arguably ignominious award will honor “government officials working tirelessly to keep vital information hidden from the public…” Continue reading