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Do surveillance cameras stop terrorism?

Or do they just help investigators find someone after he’s blown something up? In light of the failed attack on Times Square, I joined “Word of Mouth” on New Hampshire Public Radio to talk about the pros and cons of surveillance cameras. Do we need more? Or are they giving us a false sense of security?

New Adventure

On April 12, I’ll join the staff of Washingtonian magazine as a senior writer. I’m very excited about this opportunity. I’ll be writing big, compelling stories about Washington, including those on my long-time national security beat. And I’ll be joining forces with some good friends and former colleagues, which makes this even more exciting. You […]

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Book talk at Book Passage in San Francisco

Here’s a video of my talk at Book Passage last week.

West Coast Tour

I’m back from a great book tour on the West Coast. My trip took me to Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. More than a dozen interviews and three book talks in four days! Thanks to everyone who came out to the events and asked such great questions, and thanks to all the terrific radio and TV hosts and their producers for welcoming me onto their shows. Here’s a quick wrap up of some of the appearances, with links.

KATU “AM Northwest”


KUOW FM, “The Conversation”

KGO AM 810, “The Ronn Owens Show”

KRON, Henry Tenenbaum

On the Media interview

I was pleased to be a guest on NPR’s “On the Media,” a terrific weekly show hosted by Brooke Gladstone. You can listen to our interview here, and also check out the full program.

Democracy Now interview

Democracy Now had me as their guest this week. We discussed the scope of electronic surveillance and the government’s take on privacy.

Reason interview

My friend and Reason magazine editor Katherine Mangu-Ward interviewed me for Reason TV. You can read the transcript here. Video coming soon.

Associated Press review

The AP gave The Watchers a favorable review. Read it here!

The Watchers in the New York Times

The New York Times review is in today’s paper. Eric Lichtblau, no stranger to the opaque world of surveillance, gave it strong praise:

“it uses smart technical analysis and crisp writing to put the reader inside the room with the watchers and to help better understand the mind-set that gave rise to the modern surveillance state.”

“At its best ‘The Watchers’ provides an insightful glimpse into how Washington works and how ideas are marketed and sold in the back rooms of power, whether the product being peddled is widgets or a radical model for intelligence gathering.”

Slate Book Club: Debating The Watchers

This week, I’ll have an online discussion at Slate with my friend and fellow intelligence author, Patrick Radden Keefe. We’ll be talking about The Watchers, my relationship with John Poindexter, the limits of¬†surveillance, and the future of privacy.