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Panetta Revealed Top Secret Information About bin Laden Raid to Filmmaker

A Pentagon investigation finds that officials revealed names of personnel who participated in the raid that killed the terrorist leader, despite commanders’ concerns that they could be targeted for retribution if their names were publicly disclosed. Continue reading…    

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Filmmaker Alex Gibney on “Noble Liar” Julian Assange, and Why Bradley Manning is the Real Hero of WikiLeaks

In a review last month, I wrote that most struck me about Alex Gibney’s new film on WikiLeaks is how Army Pfc. Bradley Manning emerges as the surprising hero, since the story of the anti-secrecy site is generally most associated with its flamboyant founder, the Australian hacker Julian Assange. It turns out this was a surprise for Gibney, too. Continue reading…

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New Award, “The Golden Padlock,” Will Honor Most Secretive in Government

A new, arguably ignominious award will honor “government officials working tirelessly to keep vital information hidden from the public…” Continue reading…

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