Total Recall

If the NSA’s massive intelligence operation sounds like a certain Bush-era program, that’s because it is. Continue reading

Fresh Air Interview

I talked with Terry Gross about surveillance, data mining, and the recent revelations of NSA intelligence programs. Listen here.

What We Know About the NSA Metadata Program

A primer on what we know, what we might infer, and the big unanswered questions about the government’s collection of Americans’ phone records. Continue reading

Panetta Revealed Top Secret Information About bin Laden Raid to Filmmaker

A Pentagon investigation finds that officials revealed names of personnel who participated in the raid that killed the terrorist leader, despite commanders’ concerns that they could be targeted for retribution if their names were publicly disclosed. Continue reading



Filmmaker Alex Gibney on “Noble Liar” Julian Assange, and Why Bradley Manning is the Real Hero of WikiLeaks

In a review last month, I wrote that most struck me about Alex Gibney’s new film on WikiLeaks is how Army Pfc. Bradley Manning emerges as the surprising hero, since the story of the anti-secrecy site is generally most associated with its flamboyant founder, the Australian hacker Julian Assange. It turns out this was a surprise for Gibney, too. Continue reading

Landowners Leery of Drones’ Prying Eyes

A trade association says the EPA is using drones to “spy” on private landowners. Continue reading

12 Signs You May Be Building a Cyber Weapon

How does a security company know it’s not selling the building blocks of a cyber weapon to China or North Korea? Continue reading

The Little That Obama Had to Say On Surveillance Yesterday Spoke Volumes

In a major speech on US national security, the President signaled that some wartime authorities will not be withdrawn. Continue reading



NSA Official: “Almost Immoral” for Government Not to Protect Companies’ Cyber Networks

In a rare public appearance, a senior intelligence official who has worked on the front lines of securing Defense Departments computer networks said it would be “almost immoral” for the DOD to focus on protecting itself and not apply that expertise to the commercial sector. Continue reading



Timeline: Leak Investigations That Have Ensnared Journalists

The government has been aggressively pursuing those who disclose secrets, and the reporters they talk to, for a decade. Continue reading