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Giving in to the Surveillance State

My op-ed in today’s New York Times looks at a decade of secret government surveillance and why we’re still powerless against it.

Time to Scrap the DNI

Here’s my take on why President Obama fired Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, and why the president should consider getting rid of the spy post altogether.

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C-SPAN has been re-airing my book talk from the International Spy Museum in Washington. This was on February 18, publication day for The Watchers.

The Watchers in the Wall Street Journal

Check out this essay in the Wall Street Journal based on my book.  I take an in-depth look at what’s wrong with the U.S. security system, and how to fix it.

Hacking the Bad Guys

The United States is fighting a new kind of war, but the first shots were fired a generation ago. Check out my feature story in Washingtonian about the rise of cyber security in the U.S. government, told through the tales of two key actors.

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Rise of Cyberwar on C-SPAN

I was a guest on Washington Journal this morning, talking about cyber war and my recent cover story in National Journal on how a U.S. cyber attack helped turn the tide of the Iraq war. The program lasted a half hour, and we took a number of good viewer questions.

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Intel Officials Make Their Case

Senior officials are making their case that the two Mikes–McConnell and Hayden–should stay at the helm of the intelligence community.

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Intelligence memo details transition process

National Journal has obtained a letter from intelligence director Mike McConnell, offering some new details on how the transition of the intelligence services will proceed. It looks like officials will be working more closely with team Obama than past incoming administrations. And until recently, it appears that the Vice President Elect, Joe Biden, opted not […]

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Toxic Information

U.S. intelligence officials are increasingly worried that hackers could wreak havoc on the financial system. Read the story here in National Journal. Not that we need it, but here’s yet another reason to worry about havoc in financial markets: U.S. intelligence officials increasingly fear that computer hackers could wreck banks and large financial institutions, or […]

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China’s Cyber Militia

Just a quick heads up to those who might not be on my e-mail list, a pointer to a cover story in Friday’s National Journal on China’s cyber militia. U.S. intelligence officials and computer security experts believe that Chinese hackers may be responsible for two major blackouts, as well as the theft of information from […]

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