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Panetta Revealed Top Secret Information About bin Laden Raid to Filmmaker

A Pentagon investigation finds that officials revealed names of personnel who participated in the raid that killed the terrorist leader, despite commanders’ concerns that they could be targeted for retribution if their names were publicly disclosed. Continue reading…    

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What to Wear When Recruiting a Russian Spy

Would you really bring two wigs and a map? Sure! Continue reading…

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Eleven Spy Capers You May Have Missed

The arrest and deportation of a US government employee whom the Russians accuse of spying is just business as usual. Continue reading…

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Intelligence Agencies Still Drowning in Data

The question of who knew what and when about the Boston Marathon bombings will get muddied by “information overload.” Continue reading…

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Could David Petraeus be Heading for Wall Street? Or Palantir?

ValleyWag has gotten this terribly intriguing tip about the former general/CIA Director’s possible comeback. More intriguing still is speculation that he could be headed for the high-profile data mining company, Palantir. Continue reading…     

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Manhunt: A New Documentary Tells the Inside Story of Finding bin Laden

Osama bin Laden may have met his fate at the hands of military men. But it’s a lesser-known fact that, for more than a decade, many of the CIA officers who were tracking the terrorist leader were women. Indeed, for as long as the CIA has been in the business of finding the founder of […]

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What Zero Dark Thirty Gets Right About the Hunt for bin Laden

The important and probably irresolvable debate about torture in the new movie has overlooked what it gets right: Namely, that the intelligence business is painstaking, frustrating, and slow. More…    

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Who Could Replace David Petraeus as the CIA Director?

The retired general resigned today, admitting to an extra-marital affair. Who might be on the short list to replace him at Langley?

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Palantir Hires British Security Official

Palantir Technologies, the Silicon Valley upstart-turned intelligence community darling, has hired Gavin Hood, formerly a liaison between British and American spy services. More here.

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Killer App

Have a bunch of Silicon Valley computer geeks figured out how to stop terrorists?

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