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Total Recall

If the NSA’s massive intelligence operation sounds like a certain Bush-era program, that’s because it is. Continue reading…

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Giving in to the Surveillance State

My op-ed in today’s New York Times looks at a decade of secret government surveillance and why we’re still powerless against it.

Why Data Mining Wouldn’t Have Stopped Alleged Aurora Shooter James Holmes

Could “total information awareness” have prevented the killings in Colorado? No. Here’s why.

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C-SPAN has been re-airing my book talk from the International Spy Museum in Washington. This was on February 18, publication day for The Watchers.

The Watchers in the New York Times

The New York Times review is in today’s paper. Eric Lichtblau, no stranger to the opaque world of surveillance, gave it strong praise:

“it uses smart technical analysis and crisp writing to put the reader inside the room with the watchers and to help better understand the mind-set that gave rise to the modern surveillance state.”

“At its best ‘The Watchers’ provides an insightful glimpse into how Washington works and how ideas are marketed and sold in the back rooms of power, whether the product being peddled is widgets or a radical model for intelligence gathering.”

Slate Book Club: Debating The Watchers

This week, I’ll have an online discussion at Slate with my friend and fellow intelligence author, Patrick Radden Keefe. We’ll be talking about The Watchers, my relationship with John Poindexter, the limits of¬†surveillance, and the future of privacy.

Hacking the Bad Guys

The United States is fighting a new kind of war, but the first shots were fired a generation ago. Check out my feature story in Washingtonian about the rise of cyber security in the U.S. government, told through the tales of two key actors.

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Total Information Awareness and the National Security Agency

In light of recent reporting, I want to recall two previous stories on the revival of the Total Information Awareness Program and its connection to the NSA’s surveillance efforts. You can view all my NSA reporting here.

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With all the recent attention on the National Security Agency’s surveillance program–particularly that it was the so-called “data mining” aspects that drew Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card to John Ashcroft’s hospital room back in 2004–I thought it was a good time to recall a story I wrote last summer. This story goes into considerable detail […]

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Signals and Noise

People like to say that the world changed on 9/11. That it became a more confusing place. But for two men, as buildings and bodies burned, the world became much clearer.On the morning of September 11, 2001, John Poindexter, a 65-year-old retired rear admiral and President Reagan’s onetime national security adviser, was driving to his […]

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