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Cyber Spies Target Washington Think Tanks and Law Firms

Think tanks and law firms in Washington are targets of pervasive espionage by cyber spies who are stealing sensitive information on business and policy matters and are using their unwitting victims to better understand the intricacies of Washington decision-making. More here.

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China’s Cyber Militia

Just a quick heads up to those who might not be on my e-mail list, a pointer to a cover story in Friday’s National Journal on China’s cyber militia. U.S. intelligence officials and computer security experts believe that Chinese hackers may be responsible for two major blackouts, as well as the theft of information from […]

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Cyber Cold War gets its battle plans

President Bush has signed a directive that formally kicks off what intelligence reporters have been chronicling for months: The National Security Agency, the nation’s electronic eavesdropping agency, will take a new, presumably aggressive role in responding to Internet-based attacks against government agencies. The Washington Post broke news of Bush’s directive on Friday, and the Baltimore […]

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