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12 Signs You May Be Building a Cyber Weapon

How does a security company know it’s not selling the building blocks of a cyber weapon to China or North Korea? Continue reading…

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NSA Official: “Almost Immoral” for Government Not to Protect Companies’ Cyber Networks

In a rare public appearance, a senior intelligence official who has worked on the front lines of securing Defense Departments computer networks said it would be “almost immoral” for the DOD to focus on protecting itself and not apply that expertise to the commercial sector. Continue reading…    

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How the Navy Sees Cyber War

If you want an idea of what “cyber warfare” means to the US Navy, check out this short video about the Tenth Fleet, home to the Navy’s cyber warriors. Continue reading…

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Cyber Spies Target Washington Think Tanks and Law Firms

Think tanks and law firms in Washington are targets of pervasive espionage by cyber spies who are stealing sensitive information on business and policy matters and are using their unwitting victims to better understand the intricacies of Washington decision-making. More here.

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Decoding the “cyber attacks” on gas pipelines

Here’s the first thing you need to know about a reported “cyber attack” against natural gas pipeline operators that was revealed last week: It wasn’t actually an attack. More here.    

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Killer App

Have a bunch of Silicon Valley computer geeks figured out how to stop terrorists?

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Did Chinese spies impersonate a Washington journalist?

National Journal’s Bruce Stokes learned in the documents that, while he was the magazine’s international-economics correspondent, he was unknowingly the central character in an apparent Chinese espionage plot. Read the full story here.

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The Consultant was a Spy

The Russian spies arrested last month and traded back to Moscow have mostly been introduced to the American public as a hot girl and a bunch of bumbling Borises and Natashas. But people who crossed paths with one of the recently deported spies, a Bostonian calling himself Donald Heathfield, suggest that he, at least, may […]

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WikiLeaks vs. the Media (and Washington)

The relationship between a national security reporter and a confidential source is one of the most guarded and prized in Washington. Now, an audacious Web site is upending the way sensitive leaks find their way to daylight, and with it, the media’s influence over information. Is the Obama administration taking notice? Read my new piece […]

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The Watchers on “To the Best of Our Knowledge”

This week’s broadcast of “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” from Wisconsin Public Radio, features an interview about my book, the rise of the surveillnace state, and the future of cyber war.