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Time to Scrap the DNI

Here’s my take on why President Obama fired Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, and why the president should consider getting rid of the spy post altogether.

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The Liberator

Mike Wertheimer may be the most dangerous man in U.S. intelligence. You would probably never guess it, judging from his lengthy and opaque title — assistant deputy director of national intelligence for analytic transformation and technology. A perfect testament to the well-worn bureaucratic tradition of offering little insight by tossing around a lot of words. […]

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The Coming Storm

On November 2, 2004, top officials from the Homeland Security Department held a small Election Night party at a Washington restaurant to watch the presidential election returns come in on television. Nearly every leader there owed his job to the man then fighting for his own job — George W. Bush. The department was almost […]

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The Spy Gap

Intelligence agencies must decode a human capital crisis. When Tom Waters decided to become a spy, the first thing on his mind wasn’t how much he’d get paid. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Waters, then a 36-year-old business consultant living in Tampa, Fla., packed his bags for a business trip to Montreal. His […]

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