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What Zero Dark Thirty Gets Right About the Hunt for bin Laden

The important and probably irresolvable debate about torture in the new movie has overlooked what it gets right: Namely, that the intelligence business is painstaking, frustrating, and slow. More…    

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7 Tips for Mark Owen, Navy Seal Turned Author, on Staying out of Prison

The government claims Mark Owen violated secrecy agreements in writing about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden. Here’s how the ex-SEAL can avoid jail time.

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Book Review: No Easy Day

A former Navy Seal who took part in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden has written a first-hand account. Despite the author’s public statements to the contrary, the book is political, and that’s too bad. More here.

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Giving in to the Surveillance State

My op-ed in today’s New York Times looks at a decade of secret government surveillance and why we’re still powerless against it.

Why Data Mining Wouldn’t Have Stopped Alleged Aurora Shooter James Holmes

Could “total information awareness” have prevented the killings in Colorado? No. Here’s why.

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The Story Behind the Story about Warrantless Wiretapping

A just-published paper offers new insights and intriguing details about the New York Times’ 2005 blockbuster on government spying. More here.

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Killer App

Have a bunch of Silicon Valley computer geeks figured out how to stop terrorists?

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Out of the Loop: The Human-Free Future of Drone Aircraft

As aircraft and weapons have become more precise, human beings have become less essential to the conduct of war. The rise of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones, promises to push human beings further out of the loop. This essay is part of the Hoover Institution’s Koret-Taube Task Force on National Security and […]

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9/10: The Day Before

No one asks, “Where were you on 9/10?” and most people don’t remember. It’s only in hindsight that the details of a thoroughly ordinary day seem so remarkable.

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Drones coming to your neighborhood?

I joined NPR’s Scott Simon recently for a discussion about unmanned aircraft, and whether we’ll soon  be seeing tiny drones flying around American cities. The full audio is here.

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